How we work

We deal with various health-issues and diagnoses. We believe, it is important to address problems in a complex way. Our therapists work with a variety of methods therefore we suggest you read through the specialties of each therapist and find the one most suitable for you. What should you bring?

Our approach

  • Individual for each client
  • Diagnostics and special tests
  • Complex overview
  • Sufficient amount of time
  • Modern approaches and techniques
  • Children, women, neurological issues, pain, post-traumatic and post-operative issues, and many others


  • DNS
    Dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation
  • The concept of Ludmila Mojžíšová
    Treatment of functional sterility and disbalances in the pelvic floor
  • Instrumental techniques
    Rock-tape, Rock-pod, Rock-blade, cupping
  • Visceral manipulation
    Visceral manipulation of Petr Bittnar
  • Kinesiotaping
    Taping with various technique
  • Mobilisation techniques
    Mulligan concept, Russian techniques and other
  • Form, Function, Facilitation
    The concept of Clara Lewitová
  • And many other techniques


  • Physiotherapy
    Diagnostics, prevention, function maintaining … 900 CZK/55 mins
  • The concept of Ludmila Mojžíšová
    in reservation system
  • Group lectures
    It depends on the type of lesson
  • Taping
    50 CZK

Do you have questions?

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